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Lettering and calligraphy are creative artistic skills that allow people to use stencil sets of words, signs, letters, or numbers. With these, you can use a stencil brush or pen to paint or trace the symbols you choose when buying the calligraphy stencil set. Lettering or calligraphy stencils are a perfect learning tool for kids who want to exercise their creativity and sharpen their art skills. What’s more, even enthusiastic and professional adult artists can acquire a calligraphy stencil to add images or specific patterns into various artwork projects.

When in the market, you will find a wide array of calligraphy stencil brands, which means that it is upon you to carry out a proper research in order to spot the manufacturer that best meets your needs and represents your desired style. Be sure to review the material used, the size of stencils, how they are cleaned, and the design in order to determine if the calligraphy stencils that you acquire will be suitable for your project. In this article, we have reviewed letter/number, a mixed media, and word stencils to help you understand the many calligraphy stencils available.

But first, let’s go through some of the facts you need to know about calligraphy stencils and how you can determine the brand that’s worth your money. Stay with us!

What is a Calligraphy Stencil?

A calligraphy stencil is a custom or uniquely made template of letters, numbers, word, signs or any other symbol. This special tool is used to create extraordinary artwork projects that include home decors, wedding invitations, and any other project that require a creative writing style.

When shopping for the best calligraphy stencils, you should know that some brands use paint while others only allow tracing with a stencil pen or pencil. Calligraphy stencils are also made in varying materials that in turn dictate the kind of artwork projects you can effectively complete with them. If you get a calligraphy or lettering stencil made of paper or other light material, be sure to treat it with Glaze before adding any pigment on it. This is because it may bleed through, thus damaging your artwork project.

After completing your artwork project, it is always important that you remember to wipe clean the stencil to enhance its durability. You should also consider the size of the calligraphy stencils because the large types make tracing or painting more efficient with clear designs. Furthermore, look out for the color of the stencil itself since this will determine how well you can position it and trace or paint flawlessly. You want a translucent or transparent color so you can vividly see what you are doing on your working board.

Reusable calligraphy stencils are the best choice for you since they will give you limitless chances of redecorating your artwork project. If you are getting the stencil for your children, then go for the brands that can be colored effectively and allow for additional effects. This should make completing each project fun while allowing the kid to also be creative while working on the art piece.

Now you are ready to check out our top 3 calligraphy stencil reviews!

Reviews of Calligraphy Stencils

NABLUE Pack of 8 Plastic Alphabet Letter Number Stencils

If you need a scale template sets painting, a scrapbook, and drawing, then this NABLUE Calligraphy stencil will come in handy. Once you buy it, you will get 8 plastic calligraphy stencils featuring alphabet letters and numbers. It is made with a propene polymer material, which means that it is non-toxic and odorless. Moreover, the calligraphy stencil is eco-friendly since it is a PET plastic material. This will ensure that you work comfortably while ensuring your health safety.

These transparent stencils measure approximately 10.3″× 6.9″ (26 × 17.5cm), which makes them easy to stow and transport. This means it is lightweight, thus forming a great early education tool; it will cultivate artistic skills in children.

So, whether you are getting it for your kids or yourself as an enthusiastic or professional artist, you can simply bring your stencils along hassle-free for your convenience.

Amazingly, these calligraphy stencils can be put to a variety of uses including:

  • Pigment painting
  • Stamping
  • Scrapbooking
  • Card making
  • Paper crafting
  • Fabric painting
  • Wall décor etc.

This stencil set, therefore, will come in handy for professional painters or drawing artists who need reliable stationery for their work.

Since this package comes with 8 different templates, your artistic life will be much more fulfilling with the 6 letter and 2 number templates. You can effectively meet your artistic needs too since the templates are made in 8 different fonts that you can use as per your preference and demand.

Unlike most other calligraphy stencils, these templates have no sharp edges, which means that you can get them for your kids. Moreover, it is neither too hard nor too soft. The material used in making them is super durable so you won’t have to worry about breakages. This stencil, therefore, guarantees long-lasting service.

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  • It allows wide application so you can put it to multiple uses like scrapbooking, gift card, diary graffiti, craft, bookmark, school project as well as any other project.
  • You will get 8 stencils designed in varying styles to make drawing or painting more efficient.
  • The calligraphy stencils have smooth edges, which means that they are safe for children to use even unattended.
  • You can effectively use them for tabletop menu signs.
  • They are made with superior quality material.


  • Some users feel that the stencils are a little too large for bullet journaling.
  • A few users feel that the stencils are super flimsy, which means that you will need extra care when tracing specific letters and numbers.
NABLUE Pack of 8 Plastic Alphabet Letter Number Drawing Painting Stencils Scale Template Sets for...
  • If you receive a package without the "NABLUE"package; Please complain to...
  • Material - Propene Polymer.Non-toxic & Odorless. SIZE - 10.3"× 6.9" (26 × 17.5cm).
  • WIDE APPLICATION - It can be used for pigment painting, stamp, scrapbooking, card...
  • 8 DIFFERENT STYLES STENCILS - 8 different Templates rich your life, 6 letter and 2...
  • NO SHARP EDGE, NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR CHILDREN - Durable and lightweight thanks to made...

Faber-Castell Mixed Media Paper Stencils

These 304 lettering paper stencils are reusable and super durable so you can be creative with your Mixed Media. Once you have purchased this brand of calligraphy stencils, you will get 10 designer lettering and calligraphy patterns. This gives you a wide variety of signs and symbols to carry out your artistic project with.

You should use these paper stencils with Gelatos color and textural accents so that the designs you come up with extraordinary designs for the Mixed Media projects. Although the calligraphy stencils are sturdy, you can cover the 6.5″ x 6.5″ body with Glaze to enhance their durability. You might also want to add a repositional spray adhesive at the back of each stencil to ensure the art you make is clearly detailed and distinct. Once you are done using these calligraphy stencils, you can easily wipe them clean for further durability.

You will love the designer stencil patterns of these Mixed Media Stencils since they feature different patterns, designs, styles, and letters to make your project more interesting and creative. Furthermore, you can work with these calligraphy stencils using different types of mediums, thus allowing you to design your memory craft items uniquely.

In this pack, you’ll find 8 unique stencil sets where each features 10 designer patterns that provide a wide variety of options. Moreover, you can play around with the colors to make your project lively and thrilling.

These Faber-Castell quality art materials are highly recommended for a professional artist looking to create incomparable art projects. This is made even better by the fact that the manufacturer has been making art materials since 1761.

When using these calligraphy stencils, you only need to align and place them on your work surface before you can begin tracing the desired designs. The next step would be adding dimension to the art by using the mentioned Gelatos Colours alongside Textural Accents. The colors are added using a sponge, your finger, or a paintbrush. Your project is now ready to be blended using exclusive effects that are applied by means of a dot dabber, a stipple brush, water droplets, and any other potential tool.

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  • These paper stencils can be reused over and over to enhance long-lasting creativity.
  • These are premium paper stencils that guarantee quality, and they can be treated to boost their use-life.
  • The stencils come in the right size for performing varying artwork projects.
  • They are the perfect choice if you are doing any tracing works.


  • These are paper stencils, which means that they are not ideal for painting artworks.
  • Some users feel that the cardstock used when making these stencils translates to poor quality.
Faber-Castell Mixed Media Paper Stencils - 10 Reusable Graphic Stencils
  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE - Enjoy creating your paper crafts over and over again with...
  • 10 STENCILS - This stencil kit includes 10 reusable lettering and calligraphy stencil...
  • MIXED MEDIA STENCILS - Use with Gelatos and Textural Accents to add unique designs to...
  • PREMIUM PAPER STENCILS - These 6.5" x 6.5" paper stencils can be treated with Glaze...
  • FABER-CASTELL QUALITY ART MATERIALS - See your artwork come to live with the absolute...

Home Sweet Home, Grateful, Welcome Stencil Set

These might be one of the best word stencils since they are made by one of the leading manufacturers in the market; I Like That Lamp. They are made with a 10 mil mylar plastic, which means that you can reuse them for convenience. In addition to being reusable, this material is also somewhat flexible, which make tracing simple and flawless. It is also super strong for a long lasting use in addition to its reusability. This means that you can rely on these calligraphy stencils to complete a series of artwork projects creatively.

These calligraphy stencils are translucent grey in color, which gives you a clear visibility of how you are positioning, tracing, or painting. This will ensure that the end result is a perfect DIY home decor project. This is made even better by the lightness and thinness of the stencils since you can effectively complete a variety of projects tirelessly. Moreover, they are made highly durable for reliable usage.
This is the right home decor set for you since it will allow you to decorate the space in the classic country style you’ve always eyed. With it, you will get to make decorations with stencil words like “Welcome”, “Home Sweet Home” and “Grateful”. Since each word is crafted on its own stencil, you should know they measure approximately 14.5 x 5.85 inches.

Interestingly enough, you can paint the words on these stencils on the walls, floor, furniture, wallpaper, textiles etc. What’s more, you can use them on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, clothing, and concrete.

This stencil set is pretty affordable since you can constantly update the artwork in your home thanks to their reusable nature. This is a fun and inexpensive way of changing the look of your home whenever you feel it needs a special touch. They, therefore, are the best way for you to upgrade the aesthetic value of your home.

These countrified stencils are suitable for homeowners that would like to add a farmhouse feel in their surroundings. They are also a bit large, which makes the lettering of your project clearly expressed so as to represent your style preference well.

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  • These are multi-use country stencils whose versatility is surprisingly immense.
  • The stencils are quite economical since they are reusable.
  • These sign stencils are made from a high-quality translucent material so you can readily position the words just as you want them to appear.


  • Some users argue that the paint tends to ooze through these countrified stencils.
  • A few users feel that the letters ‘E’ and ‘F’ should match for all the words.

Welcome, Home Sweet Home, Grateful Calligraphy Stencilling Set - Country Farmhouse Word Stencils –...
  • HOME DÉCOR SET: Decorate your space in a country style with word stencils: set...
  • VERSATILE PAINT STENCILS: Not just for walls, use these multi-use country stencils on...
  • ECONOMICAL ACCENT: The reusable stencils are a fun and affordable way to update your...
  • EASY TO USE: The high quality sign stencils are made of translucent grey 10mil mylar...
  • RUSTIC STENCILS: Adding an instant farmhouse feel to any home, the large stencils for...

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