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Calligraphy is a work of art and just like any art, it requires precision and takes time. This is why you need a calligraphy marker that will give you awesome results whether you are a beginner or an expert calligrapher.

A calligraphy marker is a tool that you can use for long hours, which means that you can rely on it when your creative juices kick in. This is why you need the best and most comfortable calligraphy marker that works for your specific needs. Finding the best calligraphy marker, however, can be hard. With the different types to choose from and the features to look out for, beginners and experts alike can find it challenging to choose the ideal one. If you are in the market for calligraphy markers, however, you need not worry because we will get you out of this conundrum.

This article delves into what calligraphy markers are and what to look out for when shopping for the best one. Our reviews of three top calligraphy markers will also help you narrow down your search for the ideal calligraphy marker for all your needs.

What Are Calligraphy Markers?

Calligraphy is an art that makes decorative drawings and writings in symbols and letters by using special ink, calligraphy pens, and calligraphy markers to inscribe them on different surfaces. A calligraphy marker is like a fountain pen that can be dipped inside ink or have an ink cartridge inside it. It also has an angled tip that is made of felt.

The difference between calligraphy markers and calligraphy pens, including brushes and dip pens, is that the width of the lines that are created using markers is not dependent on hand pressure. This allows beginners to experiment using different styles.

Calligraphy markers have different nibs or tips for different drawing and writing requirements. Some have multiple nibs and others have interchangeable nibs that are flexible for different types of strokes.

Brush markers feature a soft nib that looks like a brush that is made from natural or synthetic hair or felt. In recent times, calligraphy markers have become easily available at affordable prices so anyone can join this artistic craft.

What to Look For When Buying the Right Calligraphy Marker

Calligraphy markers have a few differentiating features that make them unique to different calligraphy projects. Let us delve into the factors you need to consider when getting the ideal one for your needs.

Nibs and tips

The nibs are undoubtedly the most important part of your calligraphy pen. There are two different types of nibs on calligraphy markers; italic nibs and flex nibs. Italic nibs feature a straight and flat edge and are best for gothic and italic styles. They are ideal for dramatic styles. Flex nibs offer higher flexibility when it comes to style. They feature rounded points that separate when you apply pressure on your marker. This changes the width of the line that is produced on the paper. Flex nibs, therefore, are best suited for more detailed work.

Different pens have different tip sizes that are used to make different shades. Finer tips produce finer lines while wider tips make bolder lines. When selecting a calligraphy marker, choose the pen that has the type of tips that are relevant to your needs. Some markers even have multiple tips. These are the best types of markers since they are more versatile. With them, you do not need to keep changing the nib every once in a while.


The grip of your calligraphy pen influences how neat your final product is going to look like. Calligraphy is all about beautiful precision and as such, you will need a pen that fits seamlessly into your hands. Any slips and your work becomes messy and you have to start all over again.

Additionally, calligraphy takes long hours of work. Working with an uncomfortable pen will leave your fingers paining and you will not be able to concentrate on your calligraphy project. A marker with a good grip will ensure that you work for longer without getting tired.

Pen style

There are two types of calligraphy markers: cartridge calligraphy markers and traditional dip style calligraphy markers. Choosing a pen style will depend on your preferences and convenience. Traditional dip markers give you more freedom to work and ink and nib style versatility. They are mostly preferred by classical calligraphers even though they can be messy since the ink can easily spill on your work.

Cartridge calligraphy pens, on the other hand, are more convenient and less messy. They are preferred since they offer maximum convenience when doing your calligraphy projects. Modern calligraphy markers come loaded with ink cartridges that make them easy to use. A preloaded cartridge allows you to start working immediately because you do not have to keep dipping your pen inside ink like dip pens. Refilling your marker with a new cartridge is also very easy. This is to say that you have to choose the pen style that you are comfortable with.


Different calligraphy markers from different brands cost differently. This difference in prices is attributable to the different features that are available on these brands. For example, marker sets with more colors will cost more than the ones with fewer colors. It is, however, critical to remember that the more additions in the package, the more the value for money you get from your purchase.

The pen style will also determine the cost of your calligraphy marker. Modern designs are quite expensive since they feature a wider array of useful features. Traditional style calligraphy markers are also available and are cheaper. For dip style markers, you might need to buy the ink separately depending on the marker brand you decide to buy.


Product Reviews

As mentioned earlier, there are different types and brands of calligraphy markers in the market. We have selected three of the top calligraphy markers for review to help you with your search for the ideal one.

ProFolio by Itoya Calligraphy Marker

What appeals the most about this marker is its design. The double header marker can be used for various lettering, card making, calligraphy, and scrapbooking projects. The grip is extremely comfortable, which implies that it will allow you to keep working for a long time. If you are a beginner in calligraphy, therefore, this is a great marker to get you going.


Two chisel tips: this marker features two tips each at both ends for different writing requirements. One side has a wider 3.0mm point for bolder, thicker lines while the other one has a narrow 1.5mm point for more detailed designs. The tip is flexible to allow for different strokes in order to achieve your desired design.

Multiple uses: the ProFolio can be used for a myriad of projects. These include sketching, drawing, crafting, and scrapbooking. Additionally, it can make a good present for your children and friends.

Safe to use: the pen is made from odorless and nontoxic material while the water-based ink is safe to use on wood, paper, stone, metal, rubber, stone, and plastic among others.

Made from high-quality material: this calligraphy marker is made of durable construction that makes it durable and capable of delivering more performance. These pens are ideal for writing, coloring, and drawing regardless of whether professionals, enthusiasts, or beginners are using them.

Buy on Amazon


  • Affordable
  • Double sided
  • Has a nice grip


  • The tip frays quite easily

Final thoughts: 
this calligraphy marker from Itoya comes with 6 colors for multiple uses. It is affordable and perfect for beginners even though more advanced calligraphers might not like it very much. The tip frays easily, which means that you might need to apply more pressure, something that can cause strain.

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Kuretake Calligraphy Pen

If you are just getting started on calligraphy, the Kuretake calligraphy marker should be a consideration. It is equipped with easy to use features that make it easy for beginners to adapt quickly. Moreover, it comes with multiple colors for various designs.


Twin markers: the package includes two calligraphy markers; 2.0mm core and 3.5mm core calligraphy markers. These dual tip pens are used to draw both large and small letters.

12 color pens: the pack comes with 12 different colors for different projects. The markers are water-based meaning that they will serve you for a while. The best part is that each pen has an available refill that will allow you to use your marker for a long time.

Multipurpose pens: in addition to being used for professional calligraphy, these markers can be used to create beautiful fonts for regular house decorations. You can also present the package as a gift to your calligraphy loving friends.

Made by a trusted brand: Kuretake is a trusted Japanese stationery manufacturer. The company has expanded its market to US and Europe by distributing its high-quality paper, pens, brushes, glue, and calligraphy pens. With their years of experience in stationery manufacturing and awesome reviews, you can be sure you are getting a high-quality product.

Buy on Amazon


  • Refillable
  • Affordable
  • Awesome design
  • Comes with a variety of colors


  • It should not be used with waterproof inks
  • The cap gets loose after continued use

Final thoughts:
 this high-quality marker can fit in your small pouch, thus giving you the versatility of getting creative wherever you are. Beginners will love this beautiful package, especially because it is affordable.

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Visionary Products Limited 15 Coloring Markers

This beautiful calligraphy marker set comes with two pieces: the markers and a coloring book to indulge your creative coloring juices. It has 15 coloring calligraphy markers that will sure give you perfect pieces.


Comes with an adult coloring book: a 24-page adult coloring book is included to let you indulge in your imagination. It has different drawings of flowers, animals, and birds that you can color any way you like.

Made from safe quality materials: this brush marker is made from high-quality safe material that is nontoxic and odorless. It has water-based ink that is also safe and ideal for calligraphy, lettering, and illustration projects.

Brush tip and fine tip: this marker features a flexible brush tip on one end that is ideal for coloring larger areas and a 0.4mm fine tip on the other end for more detailed coloring

Buy on Amazon


  • Comes with 15 coloring markers
  • Made from safe material
  • Money back guarantee if the product does not work out


  • The coloring book is said to be so light such that ink bleeds through the page
  • The coloring book is small

Final thoughts:
 you can do many calligraphy projects when you have 15 colors to use. What’s more, the kit is beautifully packaged, which means that it can make a great gift for your children or friends.

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The best calligraphy marker will elevate your art to the next level. Whether you are an advanced or a novice calligrapher, you need to ensure that you choose one that is in line with your kind of art and is comfortable to use. Our review offers three calligraphy markers that come with a wide array of color options and features that give you more control over what you do. You, therefore, can enhance your work using any great calligraphy marker from the options offered in this review.

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