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  • calligraphy pen

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    Calligraphy Pens – Buying Guide

    The ancient creative art of calligraphy narrows down to two essential tools: the right kind of pen and the right ink. When doing your calligraphy, the pen that you use for drawing or writing can either make a calligraphy masterpiece or an ink muddle. It is imperative to note that calligraphy is not all that […] More

  • calligraphy stencil

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    Calligraphy Stencils – Buying Guide

    Lettering and calligraphy are creative artistic skills that allow people to use stencil sets of words, signs, letters, or numbers. With these, you can use a stencil brush or pen to paint or trace the symbols you choose when buying the calligraphy stencil set. Lettering or calligraphy stencils are a perfect learning tool for kids […] More

  • modern calligraphy book



    #1 – Top Modern Calligraphy Books – What You Should Know

    Have you recently gotten into the idea of calligraphy? If so, having the right book to guide you along the way can surely improve your budding skills and interest in the trade. With how many books on modern calligraphy out on the market today, however, finding the one that will work best for your level […] More

  • calligraphy marker



    Top Calligraphy markers – Buying Guide

    Calligraphy is a work of art and just like any art, it requires precision and takes time. This is why you need a calligraphy marker that will give you awesome results whether you are a beginner or an expert calligrapher. A calligraphy marker is a tool that you can use for long hours, which means […] More

  • calligraphy-ink-bottle

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    Whats the right one Calligraphy Ink – Buying Guide

    Ink is among the very critical aspects when it comes to calligraphy. When the right calligraphy ink is paired with the right pen and paper, you can create a work of art. However, it is important to note that getting the ideal one for your needs is very critical. Good news! Choosing the best calligraphy […] More

  • Japanese Calligraphy

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    Japanese Calligraphy Set: What You Need to Know

    The art of Shodo pertains to Japanese calligraphy in general. This practice is considered as one of the most celebrated as well as revered forms of artistic expression in Japan. Shodo directly translates to the phrase “the way of writing.” This tradition of creative writing was brought by the Chinese to Japan in the 16th century […] More

  • calligraphy paper

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    Whats the best Calligraphy paper

    If you or your kids have developed an interest in calligraphy, you probably will need to learn how to identify a high quality paper. Most people, however, have no idea where to start, not to mention that they barely know that there is a specific type of paper that is used in calligraphy. When shopping […] More

  • Pyrography Pen

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    Pyrography Pens – Buying Guide

    Fire is art – literally! Fire undoubtedly has many applications, but not many people think of it as an art form. But you likely have seen the impressive pieces produced by artisans who work with it, and it’s called pyrography. From the Greek words pyros, meaning fire, and graphic, meaning writing, pyrography is an artistic technique that […] More

  • Wood Burning Stencils

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    Informations about Wood Burning Stencils

    Writing with fire – what an amazing concept! Known as ‘pyrography’ this exquisite art form is believed to predate recorded history, with today’s tools dating back to the 17th century. From the Greek words pyr, meaning ‘fire,’ and graphos, meaning ‘writing,’ this expressive craft has limitless applications that create beautiful works of art scorched onto wood or […] More

  • calligraphy start now

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    Calligraphy Sets for Beginners

    One of the most impressive things in these fast-paced, digital, and modern times is a letter written in calligraphy. Not only is calligraphy beautiful for the reader, it is also a great stress-reliever for the writer. While calligraphy is a rare skill that can take quite a bit of time and practice to obtain, someone […] More

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    Pyrography tools – Buying Guide

    Looking to start this new craft? Are you an expert and want to improve your pyrography tools? The best pyrography tools should be able to make you an artistic goddess. But wait, some of us probably do not know what pyrography tools are. Pyrography is the art of drawing, writing, or burning impressions on paper, […] More

  • Creative Lettering

    Calligraphy practice book – Buying guide

    Calligraphy is an ancient craft that combines artistic expression with the practical skill of writing. Though more developed in some cultures than others, calligraphy is a universal visual art that continues today. Practice is the basis of success in calligraphy. Simply engaging in this living art is rewarding no matter the final purpose. To further […] More

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