Of all the numerous hobbies out there, I would argue that calligraphy is amongst the most beautiful, as well as the most difficult to truly master. This being said, our goal here is very simple: Make learning the art of calligraphy a more enjoyable experience for all.

We founded this site after being inspired by the lack of substantial information on calligraphy found online. We simply struggled to find accurate and detailed information, so we decided to be the change.

First, we undertook the job of creating a clean site that is useful and easy to navigate. Once our new calligraphy haven was finished, we began the neverending journey of filling it with the most useful and accurate information.

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Calligraphy is a hobby, but above that, an art form. And it’s one that we refuse to let die, and intend to help flourish. We saw a problem and personally undertook the journey to fix it. It hasn’t been easy, but we didn’t need it to be. After all, we founded this company with a simple goal in mind. Regardless of the effort that we would have to put in, we aspired to accomplish one thing: Make learning the art of calligraphy a more enjoyable experience for all.